Weekend Matinees at 11:30am

<cite>The Scarlett Empress</cite>

Sat 15 Nov

Sun 16 Nov

The Scarlett Empress

directed by Josef von Sternberg starring Marlene Dietrich (1934)

Dietrich evolves from the blushing bride of the half-wit Grand Duke to S&M-freak empress Catherine the Great, in von Sternberg’s deranged, over-the-top vision of 18th-century Russia, replete with impossibly ornate architectural details—an expressionist riot of gargoyles, flickering candles, and looming shadows.

“The film tells the story of Catherine the Great as a bizarre visual extravaganza, combining twisted sexuality and bold bawdy humor as if Mel Brooks had collaborated with the Marquis de Sade.” —Roger Ebert

<cite>The Devil is a Woman</cite>

Sat 22 Nov

Sun 23 Nov

The Devil is a Woman

directed by Josef von Sternberg starring Marlene Dietrich (1935)

Dietrich and von Sternberg headed to Spain for their final collaboration, in which she plays Concha Perez, a beautiful seductress whose fickle ways drive rival suitors to extremes. Sternberg’s coldly formalist approach lends the melodramatic proceedings a cruel, ironic edge as passions and tempers boil over in an abstract world of glittering surfaces.

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