Music Box of Horrors 2016

Sat, Oct 15th, 2016 to Sun, Oct 16th, 2016

Saturday, Oct 15th at Noon – Sunday, Oct 16th at Noon

For one 24-hour period every October the Music Box welcomes fearless moviegoers as it transforms into…the Music Box of Horrors. The 2016 Music Box of Horrors is an unrelenting 24 hours of scares and chills, featuring some of the most frightening and entertaining horror films around!

This year’s marathon includes Director Gary Sherman presenting the ultra-rare Director’s Cut of Raw Meat (Moderated by director John McNaughton), Director Jim Muro with his gross-out Street Trash, and a new Restoration of silent horror Seven Footprints To Satan with a live musical score. 
Plus, the not-yet-released Another Evil, the demented Doctor Butcher, M.D., the erie & supernatural Halloween III: Season of the Witch on an archival 16MM print, the newly rediscovered Eyes of Fire, a comedy duo tangling with Universal’s iconic monsters in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, and more!


  • $25 from 8/18 — 9/14 only 250 available at this price!
    ($20 for Music Box Members)
  • $30 from 9/15 — 10/14 only 150 available at this price!
    ($25 for Music Box Members)
  • $35 day of show — only 50 available at this price! Only available at the door for day-of sales!
    ($30 for Music Box Members)



    • Noon Seven Footprints to Satan (New DCP Restoration) (1929) w/live score by organist Dennis Scott
    • 1:15pm Shorts Program (35mm, 16mm, DCP)
    • 2:20pm  Zombie Holocaust (Dr. Butcher M.D.) (1980, 35MM)
    • 4:00pm  Torso (1973, 35MM) preceded by short film and trivia giveaways
    • 6:00pm Raw Meat (35MM Director's Cut) (1972) w/Director Gary Sherman & John McNaughton, Q&A following screening
    • 8:30pm Street Trash (1987, 35MM) w/Director Jim Muro, Q&A following screening
    • 10:45pm Another Evil - New Film! (DCP)
    • 12:30am Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003, 35MM)
    • 2:30am Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982, Archival 16MM Print)
    • 4:30am Eyes of Fire (1983, 35MM) preceded by short film and trivia giveaways
    • 6:45am Eye of the Cat (1969, 35MM)
    • 8:45am Popcorn (1991, 35MM)
    • 10:45am Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948, 35MM) preceded by short film

Between films, check out the excellent Vendors & Guests in the Music Box Lounge, including:
Kitley’s Krypt
Terror Vision / Graveface Records
Chloe Pinnock (tatoo artist)
Brian Crowley (artist)
M.L. Miller (comic book writer)
SciFi Horror Chicago
House of Monsters
Jonathan La Mantia (artist)
Pretty Spooky Handmades


Taco In A Bag
Gobble Doggs
11:00pm onward
Taco In A Bag
A Sweets Girl


The Music Box of Horrors 2016 is once again guest programmed by Will Morris, Assistant Programmer at Los Angeles’ Cinefamily. Will programmed the 2015 Music Box of Horrors, which included director William Lustig presenting Maniac, actor Ethan Embry presenting the Chicago premiere of The Devil’s Candy, a special tribute to Wes Craven, and more.