[REDACTED] in the Music Box Lounge

Mon, Jan 27th, 2020
Mon, Feb 24th, 2020
Mon, Mar 23rd, 2020
Mon, Apr 27th, 2020
What is REDACTED? Why it's a staged reading of a movie that you love and we love but might have a few "problems." One of our writers will help guide you and the talented cast through a classic movie with their added criticisms (think MST3K with a twist). REDACTED shows monthly in the Music Box Lounge.  
Monday January 27th at 8pm
**In the Music Box Lounge**
In an event that was two years in the making, Dr. [EVENT HORIZON] and [BLUE VELVET] are summon to an island by Richard Attenborough. What's an the island? Dinosaurs. Also, the beloved Jeff Goldblum. Will chaos reign? And what of the kids? and what of love?

Unwritten by Dino DNA expert Dr Jeff Garceau
She's All That: Monday, Feb 24th at 8pm
Oh no! Prom is coming up! But hot, handsome rich boy [SCOOBY DOO] just got dumped! Good thing [FAST & FURIOUS] dares him to turn nerdy, artsy girl [JOSIE AND THE PUSSY CATS] into the prom queen? It's a real My Fair Lady situation. Plus Usher shows up!
Unwritten by Sixpence Non the Richer super fan Celeste Burns
The Mummy: Monday, March 23rd at 8pm
It's 1926. Librarian and Egyptologist [THE CONSTANT GARDENER] is gifted a map by her brother. The map shows the location of an ancient city and there's only one man who can get them there: the handsome [GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE]! Will they awake the ancient curse and be chased by a Mummy? Well duh.
Unwritten by former high priest to pharaoh Seti I Alex Richmond
High Fidelity: Monday, April 27th at 8pm
Music and love go hand in hand. Except for Rob Gordon, played by [SAY ANYTHING].To see what want wrong in his love life, Rob reorganizes is vinyl records and revisits his past girls friends including [OCEANS 12], [ROSEANNE], {A DIFFERENT WORLD], and indie film darling Lili Taylor. Plus Jack Black is there!
Unwritten by The Beta Band super fan Kris Vire