[REDACTED] in the Music Box Lounge

Mon, Feb 24th, 2020
Mon, Mar 23rd, 2020
Mon, Apr 27th, 2020
What is REDACTED? Why it's a staged reading of a movie that you love and we love but might have a few "problems." One of our writers will help guide you and the talented cast through a classic movie with their added criticisms (think MST3K with a twist). REDACTED shows monthly in the Music Box Lounge.  
Monday, Feb 24th at 8pm
**In the Music Box Lounge**
Oh no! Prom is coming up! But hot, handsome rich boy [SCOOBY DOO] just got dumped! Good thing [FAST & FURIOUS] dares him to turn nerdy, artsy girl [JOSIE AND THE PUSSY CATS] into the prom queen? It's a real My Fair Lady situation. Plus Usher shows up!
Unwritten by Sixpence Non the Richer super fan Celeste Burns
The Mummy: Monday, March 23rd at 8pm
It's 1926. Librarian and Egyptologist [THE CONSTANT GARDENER] is gifted a map by her brother. The map shows the location of an ancient city and there's only one man who can get them there: the handsome [GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE]! Will they awake the ancient curse and be chased by a Mummy? Well duh.
Unwritten by former high priest to pharaoh Seti I Alex Richmond
High Fidelity: Monday, April 27th at 8pm
Music and love go hand in hand. Except for Rob Gordon, played by [SAY ANYTHING].To see what want wrong in his love life, Rob reorganizes is vinyl records and revisits his past girls friends including [OCEANS 12], [ROSEANNE], {A DIFFERENT WORLD], and indie film darling Lili Taylor. Plus Jack Black is there!
Unwritten by The Beta Band super fan Kris Vire