Cinema Femme Shorts Program 2: Sincerely, Yours

Opens May 1

Part of: Cinema Femme Short Film Fest 2024

2024 110 mins DCP


Programmed and Presented by Cinema Femme Short Film Festival

Featuring a Post-Film Q&A with filmmakers

At 7:30 PM on Wednesday, May 1, join us for Shorts Program 2: "Sincerely, Yours." The title is inspired by our poster illustration this year from Susan Johnson’s coming of age film on Netflix, "All the Boys I've Loved Before". For this shorts block, we screen a series of personable films that touch on family, origins, and life choices (varying in length, with a total of 110 minutes shown together). Come early for our post-production panel pre-show at 7 PM.

Post-Production panel pre-show to Shorts Program 2 at 7:00 PM

A peek behind the post-production curtain! Join us for a moderated conversation with film veterans specializing in edit, sound design, color correction and finish. This discussion will focus on the inner workings of feature, short form, and TV post-production.

Moderated by Joanna Woods, an Executive Producer at Optimus in collab with Noisefloor and Periscope Post & Audio. Panelists include Katie Waters (Foley Artist, Noisefloor), Victoria Salazar (Location Audio Lead and Sound Editor, Noisefloor), Thea Ilic (Post-Production Coordinator, Periscope Post & Audio), Emily Kaberlein (Assistant Editor, Periscope Post & Audio), and Ana Christian (Editor, Anachrony Post)

110 mins

Showtimes for Cinema Femme Shorts Program 2: Sincerely, Yours