Insert Coin

No Longer Playing

2020 101 mins

Joshua Tsui
Eugene Jarvis, Mark Turmell, Ernest Cline, Paul W. Anderson, Andrea Rene, Jeff Gerstmann

Featuring a Post-Film Q&A moderated by Tim Kitzrow (the voice of NBA Jam and NFL Blitz) with Director Joshua Tsui, Eugene Jarvis, and George Petro

Eugene Jarvis, the creator of 80s classic video games such as Defender and Robotron, returns to the industry in the 90s. In the process, he assembles a team that pioneers the concept of bringing live action into video games, kickstarting a new era in the arcades.

The technology mushrooms into massive hits such as Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam and soon the team begins to conquer the world. What began as a small tight-knit group begins to deal with success and eventually the looming threat of consumer technology.

101 mins

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