The Craft + Duelle

No Longer Playing

222 mins

Andrew Fleming, Jacques Rivette

“Two and two can no longer make four, all walls can be shattered” - the changing of the seasons, from summer to fall, from day to night - the 21+ halls of Hollywood High School meet the nocturnal dwellings of post-’68 Paris, as the forces of darkness and light battle for the supremacy of the Self. The fragility of the mental state is both the focus and the stakes at play in each of these spellbinding features, a pair of fraternal twins’ shared mystery of the ever-shifting dream or “the night’s aquarium,” the power of the somnambulant Female as they struggle to retain their slippery grasp on the illusory bounds of reality. Separated by two decades, the MTV generation’s rendering of the cool teen Gothic, coupled with the phantasmagoric, disillusioned generation of Marx and Coca-Cola, the furies of the cosmos meet together at the witching hour for a coven of dusky delights. Scores will be settled, the male ego bruised, the petulant decay of false promises and failed revolutions will cover the countryside, suburbs, and city streets of America, as it freak-dances its way into the summer of 1996, while France sleepwalks past the failures of the still-smoldering sixties, into the foggy twilight of 1976. An autumnal pairing of spiked fairy tales of varying mythic proportions from two far but similar stretches of the infinite universe, revealing two sides of the supernatural coin. Bulle Ogier and Juliet Berto fresh off CELINE AND JULIE GO BOATING, meet Skeet Ulrich and Neve Campbell immediately pre-SCREAM, with undeniable chemistry. In terms of style and storytelling, these are two very different waning worlds. But between the last new moon of winter and the first full moon of spring, the spiritual domain, perhaps, will ground the marriage of these two in the belief of concrete materialism. And despite their many differences, these films are forever bound together in celestial harmony.




222 mins
Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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