Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell

Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell

A FILM BY: Shinichi Fukazawa
WRITTEN BY: Shinichi Fukazawa
STARRING: Shinichi Fukazawa, Masaaki Kai, Masahiro Kai

A Part of Music Box of Horrors 2019

After a surprise phone call interrupts his daily workout, beefy body builder Naoto agrees to meet his photojournalist ex-girlfriend to help with her research on haunted houses. Accompanied by a professional psychic, they visit an abandoned house once owned by Naoto's father, but inside the house a dark secret lingers and they find themselves trapped and tormented by a relentless ghost with a 30 year grudge ... Shooting began in 1995, but this 8mm, gore-fest, no-budget, oddity took 14 years to complete and trust us, it's well worth the wait.

In Japanese with English subtitles

Technical Information

Production Year: 1992
Country of Origin: Japan
Language: Japanese
Run Time: 62 mins