CCFF Shorts Program

CCFF Shorts Program

***Directors Clare Cooney and Abby Pierce in Attendance for a Post-Film Q&A*** 


Single - A girl born with one arm, gets set-up on a blind date with a guy who has one hand...and she is pissed! Written and directed by Ashley Eakin. 15 min.

Big Touch - An Afro-Surrealist story about a giant woman and a tiny man who through the power of touch, experience an unexpected transformation. Written and directed by Christopher Tenzis. 3 min.

BJ’s Mobile Gift Shop - A young Korean-American hustler runs throughout the city of Chicago making sales out of his “mobile gift shop.” Written and directed by Jason Park. 16 min.

Soak - Yeonsoo meets her runaway mother in the hopes of convincing her to return home. Stuck between her mother's new life plans and the pressures from her controlling father, Yeonsoo is faced with an impossible choice. Written and directed by Hannah Bang. 17 min.

VO - A deadly accident between a self-driving car and a pedestrian sets off an investigation about the role of human workers in the training of driverless cars. Testimonies from vehicle operators guide us through a night shift where the landscape merges with data from the car’s sensors. Directed by Nicholas Gourault. 19 min.

Bathwell In Clerkentime - “Bathwell in Clerkentime” completes the animated trilogy about cuckoos from Clerkenwell going nuts. In the first classic episode called “Bathtime in Clerkenwell” (2002) they took over London, in the second episode, the award winning  “Last time in Clerkenwell” (2007) birds invaded the entire planet. In the third and final episode they face middle-age crisis, problems with marriage, raising kids and alcohol addiction. Directed by Alex Budovsky. 5 min.

Go Ahead… Grab Time By the Throat - Abby and James got engaged and broke up on the same day. Abby filmed it on her phone and then made a movie about it two months later. This is that movie. Part documentary, part narrative, partly confusing for everyone. Written and directed by Clare Cooney and Abby Pierce. 14 min.

Technical Information

Run Time: 89 mins
Format: DCP