Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde

Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde

A FILM BY: William Crain
WRITTEN BY: Larry LeBron, Lawrence Woolner (idea)
STARRING: Bernie Casey, Rosalind Cash, Marie O'Henry

A Part of MUSIC BOX OF HORRORS 2021 | Director William Crain in Attendance for a Post-Film Q&A 

Dr. Henry Pryde (Bernie Casey) is a noteworthy scientist who is working on an experimental remedy for liver damage. Along with his colleague, Dr. Billie Worth (Rosalind Cash), he perfects a serum that has the potential to reverse damaged liver tissue. Pryde also donates his services as a medical practitioner to a free clinic in the Watts projects. Pryde begins a series of unorthodox experiments to test his serum on himself, and the results are disastrous... he transforms into a hulking white-skinned prostitute-murdering lunatic.

Coming off the success of Crain's debut feature Blacula, American International Pictures was eager to keep pumping out Blaxploitation horror fare. Director William Crain gives us one of the most wildly inventive adaptations of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic Novella -- laced with elements from the real life horror that was the Tuskegee syphilis experiments -- throws it in a blender with a handful of Blaxploitation sleaze requirements, prescient themes of Black Power, class, & race, some stellar performances and special effects (by the one and only Stan Winston!), & births one of the most audacious, absurd, & thought provoking films of the era that perhaps hits even harder now than when it was originally released.

Technical Information

Production Year: 1976
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 87 mins
Format: 35mm