Feel My Pulse

Feel My Pulse

A FILM BY: Gregory La Cava
WRITTEN BY: Nicholas T. Barrows, George Marion Jr.
STARRING: Bebe Daniels, Richard Arlen, William Powell

Co-presented by Chicago Film Society

With live film score by Dennis Scott on the Music Box organ

Bebe Daniels began her acting career at the age of seven; by fourteen, she was a frequent co-star of Harold Lloyd and by the end of the silent era, Daniels had become a star and accomplished comedienne in her own right. This rollicking comedy that offers Daniels a wonderful showcase for knockabout antics and subtler character work. Hypochondriac heiress Daniels to an island sanitarium where everything is not as it seems. The doctor (William Powell) is really a bootlegger in disguise and all the attendants, save for undercover reporter Richard Arlen, are lieutenants in his rum-running army. You'll never look at surgical equipment the same way again.

Preservation Print courtesy of the Library of Congress

Technical Information

Production Year: 1928
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 63 mins
Format: 35mm