A FILM BY: Joe Heslinga
WRITTEN BY: Joe Heslinga, Mike Wagstaffe
STARRING: Todd Loffredo, Tony Spredeman, Ryan Moore

***Featuring a Post-Film Q&A with Director Joe Heslinga and Documentary Subject and World Champion Foosball Player Tony Spredeman***

Most people know foosball as the game they used to play in their parent's basement, but for some die-hard fans, foosball isn't just a game... it's a way of life. Enter the underground world of professional foosball, a sport that's been around for over 40 years but no one knows exists. Through an ensemble cast, FOOSBALLERS not only uncovers a forgotten piece of sports history, it follows 6 of the best table soccer players in the world as they prepare for the sport's most prestigious event, The Tornado World Championships. Directed by Chicago-born and raised filmmaker Joe Heslinga.

Technical Information

Production Year: 2020
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 96 mins
Format: DCP