For Heaven's Sake

For Heaven's Sake

A FILM BY: Sam Taylor
WRITTEN BY: Ted Wilde (story), John Grey (story)
STARRING: Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston, Noah Young

Featuring live musical accompaniment by Music Box House Organist Dennis Scott

Harold Lloyd’s iconic screen persona—the earnest innocent next door, forever striving to make good in a boisterous and vulgar world—gets a hilarious but impolitic update in FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE. The first of Lloyd’s features to be distributed under a lucrative deal with Paramount, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE casually flaunts the comedian’s plenty in the caricatured form of J. Harold Manners, a stuffed-shirt scion who thinks nothing of dropping cash on a new car to match his trousers nor of walking away from the heap within ten minutes.  But soon “the man with a mansion” meets “the miss with a mission,” tossing Jobyna Ralston some scratch after destroying her foursquare father’s coffee cart and inadvertently providing the seed money for a new parish.

Technical Information

Production Year: 1926
Country of Origin: United States
Run Time: 58 mins
Format: 35mm