A FILM BY: Dan Sallitt
WRITTEN BY: Dan Sallitt
STARRING: Tallie Medel, Norma Kuhling, Lorelei Romani

Mara and Jo, in their twenties, have been close friends since middle school. Jo, the more outgoing figure, is a social worker who runs through a series of brief but intense relationships. Mara, a less splashy personality than Jo, bounces among teacher aide jobs while trying to land a position in elementary education, and writes fiction in her spare time. She too has a transient romantic life, though she seems to settle down after meeting Adam, a mild-mannered software developer. It soon becomes apparent that Jo, despite her intellectual gifts, is unreliable in her professional life, losing and acquiring jobs at a troubling rate. Substance abuse may be responsible for Jo’s instability… but some observers suspect a deeper problem. Over the course of a decade, the more stable Mara sometimes tries to help, sometimes backs away to preserve herself, but never leaves behind her powerful childhood connection with Jo.

“Two outstanding performances. Medel is marvelous, utterly engaging. Kuhling is a knockout.” — The Hollywood Reporter
 “A highly affecting portrait of female friendship.” — Indiewire
 “A bittersweet breakup movie. It’s rare to see such a fine-grained portrait of friendship, particularly a spiky female one.” — Sight & Sound

Technical Information

Production Year: 2019
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 94 mins