Midsommar & Alucarda

Midsommar & Alucarda

STARRING: Florence Pugh (MIDSOMMAR), Jack Reynor (MIDSOMMAR), Vilhelm Blomgren (MIDSOMMAR), Claudio Brook (ALUCARDA), David Silva (ALUCARDA), Tina Romero (ALUCARDA)

Part of Half-O-Ween 2021: Horror Weekend at the Drive-In, Presented by Creepy Co. 

The sun never sets in Midsommar, just one of the many disorienting things about writer-director Ari Aster’s followup to Hereditary. At once an eccentric entry into the burgeoning folk-horror revival, an embittered relationship drama, and a slasher movie told in slow motion with the lights on, Midsommar stars Florence Pugh as a college student who reluctantly joins her boyfriend and his roommates on a trip to rural Sweden to observe a pagan fertility festival. The film starts off intense—some A+ wailing from Florence in this movie—and turns twisted, building to a drug-fueled nightmare scenario that’s also oddly cleansing. Happy May Day! - Katie Rife

Speaking of perverse catharsis, there’s Alucarda, a movie that’s known among connoisseurs of far-out world cinema for three things: Blasphemy, blood, and lots of screaming. This late ‘70s Satanic horror oddity centers around two teenage girls, Justine and Alucarda, who fall in love at a convent in 1830s Mexico. They then do what all young lovers do when their thoughts turn to spring: Pledge their souls to Lucifer, and vow revenge on God and all his servants. Admirers of Ken Russell’s The Devils will get a kick out of the movie’s anti-authoritarian and anti-patriarchal themes, and its feverish visuals will appeal to fans of Moctezuma’s countryman Alejandro Jodorowsky. But we can all appreciate a Satanic orgy and a literal blood bath on a Saturday night, right? - Katie Rife

Technical Information

Production Year: 2019
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 225 mins
Format: Digital