Mister Lonely

Mister Lonely

A FILM BY: Harmony Korine
WRITTEN BY: Harmony Korine, Avi Korine
STARRING: Diego Luna, Samantha Morton, Denis Lavant, Werner Herzog, Leos Carax

***Preceded by UMSHINI WAM (15 1/2 min) + SNOWBALLS (4 1/2 min)***

***Due to lack of materials available from the distributor, the format for MISTER LONELY will be DVD***

When asked to provide a synopsis, Korine offered this: "In broad terms, it's a movie about a Michael Jackson impersonator living in Paris who's down on his luck. He meets a Marilyn Monroe impersonator at a commune where all these other impersonators live. They want to put on a show in hopes that the world will come see them perform. She convinces him to go to this place and things happen. At the same time, there's a story about nuns jumping out of airplanes." All that plus an ensemble cast for the ages including Diego Luna (Y TU MAMÁ TAMBIÉN), Samantha Morton (MORVERN CALLAR), Denis Lavant (HOLY MOTORS), Leos Carax (BOY MEETS GIRL), Werner Herzog, and street magician David Blaine. LONELY marks to this day what is probably Korine's greatest balancing act with beaucoup characters & an effortless juggling of black comedy, gut-punching emotionality, and love for chosen family.

Technical Information

Production Year: 2007
Language: English
Run Time: 112 mins
Format: Digital