Moods of Nayika

Moods of Nayika

STARRING: Ashwaty Chennat, Abhijeet

One Night Only 

Who is She? MOODS OF NĀYIKĀ is a celebration of the nāyikā - the heroine - who is etched into ancient Indian literature. In eight dynamic episodes our ashta nāyikā emerges with agency, and all at once uncertain, sexy and powerful. Created by Chicago South Asian performers, dancemaker Ashwaty Chennat and drag performer Abhijeet, this is an explosion of South Asian queer artistry and the rising scene of local digital performance. 

Join us for the world premiere! This presentation will include a themed cocktail hour in the lounge with snacks, live music, dance and drag performances by ABHIJEET, ASHWATY CHENNAT, LAKSHA DANTRAN, MASALA SAPPHIRE, CHETHAN ANANT. Q&A Panel discussion will follow the screening.


Technical Information

Production Year: 2021
Country of Origin: United States
Run Time: 32 mins
Format: Digital