A FILM BY: Jacques Tourneur
WRITTEN BY: Stirling Silliphant (screenplay), David Goodis (novel)
STARRING: Aldo Ray, Anne Bancroft, Brian Keith

Double Feature ticket option includes admission to THE GARMENT JUNGLE

Artist Jim Vanning (Aldo Ray) has his life go off the rails when fate pitches a pair of on-the-lam crooks into his winter hunting trip. From then on he lives life on the run, enduring relentless surveillance, dozens of double-crosses, psychotic killers on his tail, lots of de rigeur flashbacks, and—on the bright side—beguiling Anne Bancroft, decked out the latest fifties' fashions. One of the last true noirs of the original era, this often-overlooked gem features terrific direction from Tourneur (Out of the Past) and great work by cinematographer Burnett Guffey. 

Presented in 35mm archival print courtesy of Sony Pictures

Technical Information

Production Year: 1956
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 78 mins
Format: 35mm