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Alvin Ailey was a trailblazing pioneer who found salvation through dance. AILEY traces the full contours of this brilliant and enigmatic man whose search for the truth in movement resulted in end... READ MORE

Directed by: Jamila Wignot

Runtime: 82 mins

Format: Digital

The Bad and the Beautiful

Unscrupulous movie producer Jonathan Shields (Kirk Douglas) is a child of Hollywood who ruthlessly toils his way to the top of the studio system, discarding movie star Georgia (Lana Turner), director... READ MORE

Directed by: Vincente Minnelli

Runtime: 118 mins

Format: 35mm

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

Screening in the Music Box Garden | Extremely Limited Seating Available Lifelong friends Barb and Star embark on the adventure of a lifetime when they decide to leave their small Midwestern town... READ MORE

Directed by: Josh Greenbaum

Runtime: 105 mins

Format: Digital


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Blood Feast + Scum of the Earth

Screening in the Music Box Garden | Extremely Limited Seating Available Windy City Double Feature Picture Show, hosted by film historians Adam Carston and Mike Vanderbilt, is a bi-weekly podcast... READ MORE

Directed by: Herschell Gordon Lewis

Runtime: 145 mins

Format: Digital


On the verge of bankruptcy and desperate for his big break, aspiring filmmaker Bobby Bowfinger (Steve Martin) concocts a crazy plan to make his ultimate dream movie. Rallying a ragtag team that includ... READ MORE

Directed by: Frank Oz

Runtime: 97 mins

Format: 35mm

Final Set

Once described as a young professional tennis prodigy, Thomas (Cesar-winner Alex Lutz) never had the career in the game he had hoped for. At 37, he decides to return to the French Open at Rolland Garr... READ MORE

Directed by: Quentin Reynaud

Runtime: 105 mins

Format: Digital

Hollywood Shuffle

Aspiring actor and hot-dog stand employee Bobby Taylor (Robert Townsend) catches the ire of his grandmother (Helen Martin) for auditioning for a role in the regrettably titled exploitation film "Jivet... READ MORE

Directed by: Robert Townsend

Runtime: 78 mins

Format: 35mm

The Last of the Mohicans

Presented by Chicago Film Society | CLICK HERE to Purchase Tickets The public domain prestige film is basically as old as Hollywood itself. Cheaper than adapting contemporary stories an... READ MORE

Directed by: Michael Mann

Runtime: 112 mins

Format: 35mm


Screening in the Music Box Garden | Extremely Limited Seating Available | A Part of A Bug's Life with THE FLY When a cockroach-spread plague threatens to decimate the child population of New... READ MORE

Directed by: Guillermo del Toro

Runtime: 105 mins

Format: Digital

Mogul Mowgli

Mogul Mowgli is the debut narrative feature from award-winning documentary filmmaker Bassam Tariq. It follows the story of a rapper (Riz Ahmed, The Sound Of Metal ) who, on the cusp of his f... READ MORE

Directed by: Bassam Tariq

Runtime: 89 mins

Format: DCP


World-weary chanteuse Amy Jolly (Marlene Dietrich) arrives in Morocco on the same ship as wealthy playboy La Bessiere (Adolphe Menjou). Amy gets a job at a local club and attracts the attention of wom... READ MORE

Directed by: Josef von Sternberg

Runtime: 92 mins

Format: 35mm

My Name is Pauli Murray

Opens Friday, September 24th Fifteen years before Rosa Parks refused to surrender her bus seat, a full decade before the U.S. Supreme Court overturned separate-but-equal legislation, Pauli Murray... READ MORE

Directed by: Betsy West, Julie Cohen

Runtime: 91 mins

Format: DCP

The Nowhere Inn

From real-life friends Annie Clark (a.k.a. GRAMMY award-winning recording and touring artist St. Vincent) and Carrie Brownstein (Portlandia, Sleater-Kinney, the best-selling Hunger Makes Me a Modern G... READ MORE

Directed by: Bill Benz

Runtime: 92 mins

Format: DCP

Oasis Knebworth 1996

On 10th & 11th August 1996, 250,000 young music fans converged on Knebworth Park to see Oasis play two record breaking, era defining shows. The landmark concerts sold out in under a day with over... READ MORE

Directed by: Jake Scott

Runtime: 108 mins

Format: DCP

Prisoners of the Ghostland

In the treacherous frontier city of Samurai Town, a ruthless bank robber (Nicolas Cage) is sprung from jail by a wealthy warlord, The Governor (Bill Moseley), whose adopted granddaughter Bernice (Sofi... READ MORE

Directed by: Sion Sono

Runtime: 103 mins

Format: DCP

The Room

This “electrifying American black comedy about love, passion, betrayal and lies” stars (and was directed, written and produced by) the mysterious Tommy Wiseau, and has been a cult favorite in LA since... READ MORE

Directed by: Tommy Wiseau

Runtime: 99 mins

Format: 35mm

Searching for Mr. Rugoff

The feature documentary Searching for Mr. Rugoff is the story of Donald Rugoff, who was the crazy genius behind Cinema 5, the mid-century theater chain and film distribution company. Rugoff... READ MORE

Directed by: Ira Deutchman

Runtime: 94 mins

Format: DCP

Shadow of the Vampire

F. W. Murnau (John Malkovich) is struggling to create his silent classic “Nosferatu” on location in Eastern Europe. The director is obsessed with making this the most authentic vampire movie ever. To... READ MORE

Directed by: E. Elias Merhige

Runtime: 92 mins

Format: 35mm

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Down-on-his-luck private eye Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) gets hired by cartoon producer R.K. Maroon (Alan Tilvern) to investigate an adultery scandal involving Jessica Rabbit (Kathleen Turner), the su... READ MORE

Directed by: Robert Zemeckis

Runtime: 104 mins

Format: DCP