Peace Film Festival Shorts Program #2

Peace Film Festival Shorts Program #2

Films Included

Witness Bahrain  (Feature Documentary, USA/Bahrain, 58 min) - Directed by Jen Marlow

"This is documentary cut from guerilla style footage, capturing an intimate portrayal of Bahrain's uprising, two years out of its beginning. Filmmaker Jen Marlowe entered the country under false pretenses and filmed clandestinely before being deported." In Arabic with subtitles

Featuring a Q&A with Director Jen Marlowe


Off the Record: Justice Denied to Child Sex Abuse Survivors  (Short Documentary, USA, 23 min) - Directed by Valerie Gibson

"An expose' of the hidden injustices suffered by survivors seeking legal redress against their perpetrators.  Too many matters that favor abusers occur outside the courtroom and the public eye, behind-the-scenes dealings that obstructed their path to justice and impeded personal recovery."


The Good Mind  (Feature Documentary, USA, 66 min) - Directed by Gwendolen Cates

"The Onondaga Nation fights for environmental stewardship of their ancestral lands that were stolen by New York State in violation of a treaty with George Washington."

Technical Information

Run Time: 147 mins
Format: Digital