Peace Film Festival Shorts Program #6

Peace Film Festival Shorts Program #6

Films Included

Sounds of Resistence (Feature Documentary, Spain, 61 min) - Directed by Xuban Intxausti

"A masterful work of cellist Maite Arrotajauregi 'Mursego' and her travels to Sarajevo and Gorazde to meet locals and compose a music piece - a musical journey - that amplifies psychological and current social problems of postwar Bosnia Herzegovina."


Mary Mother (Short Narrative, Afghanistan, 19 min) - Directed by Sadam Wahidi

"Mary lives in a remote village of Afghanistan, her only son is serving for military in Kunduz province, which has fallen to the Taliban. Since the authorities have no news of her son, Mary decides to take the journey to Kunduz to find her son."


HAVEN (Short Narrative, Iran, 13 min) - Directed by Hesam Eslami

"An Iraqi soldier finds some prized booty early in the Iran-Iraq war; tomorrow he heads to the front line. What will he do with it?"


Dolemitenfront (Short Narrative, Italy, 43 min) - Directed by Sara Maino

"A Rock Film Against All Wars! Shot in a former WW1 Austro-Hungarian Fort, the music was played, performed and recorded live on the set."

Technical Information

Run Time: 136 mins
Format: DCP