A FILM BY: Jesse Haaja
WRITTEN BY: Jesse Haaja (creator), Pekka Lehtosaari
STARRING: Bianca Bradey, Sheila Shah, Jesse Haaja

***North American Premiere***

Finland’s first superhero film, Rendel is dystopian action/fantasy unlike anything ever witnessed Stateside. When a massive criminal organization takes over his town, a masked vigilante strikes back through a series of brutal attacks that leave blood spilled and cash ablaze. A dark adventure that harkens to the finest in 80s era comics, Rendel is the anti-Marvel crusader: an all-too-human superhero from the streets, driven solely by rage and revenge!

In English and Finnish with English subtitles 

Technical Information

Production Year: 2017
Country of Origin: Finland
Language: Finnish
Run Time: 105 mins
Format: DCP