Suspiria + Terror

Suspiria + Terror

A FILM BY: Dario Argento (SUSPIRIA), Norman J. Warren (TERROR)
WRITTEN BY: Dario Argento (SUSPIRIA), Daria Nicolodi (SUSPIRIA), David McGillivray (TERROR)
STARRING: Jessica Harper (SUSPIRIA), Stefania Casini (SUSPIRIA), Flavio Bucci (SUSPIRIA), John Nolan (TERROR), Carolyn Courage (TERROR), James Aubrey (TERROR)

Rip-Off Saturdays Feature | A Part of Music Box of Horrors: Dawn of the Drive-In Presented by Shudder 

A masterwork of sight and sound, Suspiria has been terrifying audiences for over four decades, and it’s never looked better thanks to a gangbusters restoration job from Synapse Films. The only thing more terrifying than seeing Suspiria on the big screen is seeing it on one of the biggest screens in Chicago. For all of their originality, Italian filmmakers have long been accused—usually rightfully—of ripping off big hits from around the globe. And since turnabout is fair play, the Brits offered up their own knockoff the following year with Terror (1978). Directed by the late Norman J. Warren, Terror twists and turns from its witchy opening sequences and features a bevy of scantily clad British babes being offed in a variety of memorable, bloody, colorful ways.

Technical Information

Production Year: 1977
Country of Origin: Italy
Language: English
Run Time: 182 mins
Format: Digital