The Domestics + Opening Night Celebration

The Domestics + Opening Night Celebration

A FILM BY: Mike P. Nelson
WRITTEN BY: Mike P. Nelson
STARRING: Tyler Hoechlin, Kate Bosworth, Sonoya Mizuno

Opening Night | World Premiere | Director Mike P. Nelson in attendance for a post-film Q&A

We’re kicking off Cinepocalypse 2018 with a thunderous bang in what will certainly be one of the most talked about genre films this year. It’s MAD MAX meets THE PURGE in THE DOMESTICS, an absolutely savage survival love story following a young couple (Tyler Hoechlin & Kate Bosworth) as they fight to return home through a post-apocalyptic mid-western wasteland ravaged by terrifying and sadistic gangs. From the legendary Orion Pictures, THE DOMESTICS is an action spectacle that boasts explosive set pieces and delivers nonstop action until the suspense-filled finale that will leave your jaw shattered on the floor. With his feature length debut, writer/director Mike P. Nelson establishes himself as a breakout filmmaker, weaving together incredible performances from Bosworth, Hoechlin, Sonoya Mizuno (Ex Machina), and Lance Reddick (John Wick), into an epic white-knuckled roller coaster ride of cult-classic bound badassery.

Opening Night Party included with ticket purchase

Join the Music Box Theatre, in conjunction with the World Premiere of THE DOMESTICS, for a very special Cinepocalypse Opening Night Celebration!

Featuring GOURMET WALKING TACOS from Taco in a Bag, as well as COMPLIMENTARY BEER AND SPIRITS from Hendricks Gin, Snow Leopard Vodka, Shackleton Blended Scotch, Highland Park Magnus Single Malt Scotch, Chareau Aloe Liqueur, Cutwater Spirits, Haymarket Brewing, Founders Brewing, Goose Island, Collective Arts Brewing and Angry Orchard Hard Cider!

Visit our spectacular VENDORS of Books, Music & Curio, featuring Sideshow Gallery, Quimby's Book Store and Bucket o' Blood Books and Records with MUSIC by Bucket o' Blood and TAROT READINGS by the fabulous Mistress Cavatica!

POSTERS, PINS & ZINES from Chicago's most face-melting ARTISTS, including Hate Baby Comix, Printsploitation, Johnathen La Mantia, Eric Rot & Putrid Gore!

Join us for a special, complimentary DRINKING GAME SCREENING of the most excellent classic, BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE!

Featuring killer original props from the brutal, gang-filled post-apocalyptic wasteland of THE DOMESTICS, this Opening Night Celebration is available to all ticket holders, and something you'll only find at Cinepocalypse! Be there or beware for this kickass party with the Music Box Theatre!

For more information CLICK HERE to visit our event page for THE DOMESTICS.

Technical Information

Production Year: 2018
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 100 mins
Format: DCP