The Exorcist + Beyond the Door

The Exorcist + Beyond the Door

A FILM BY: William Friedkin (THE EXORCIST), Ovidio G. Assonitis (BEYOND THE DOOR), Robert Barrett (BEYOND THE DOOR)
WRITTEN BY: William Peter Blatty (THE EXORCIST), Ovidio G. Assonitis (BEYOND THE DOOR), Antonio Troiso (BEYOND THE DOOR)
STARRING: Ellen Burstyn (THE EXORCIST), Max von Sydow (THE EXORCIST), Linda Blair (THE EXORCIST), Juliet Mills (BEYOND THE DOOR), Richard Johnson (BEYOND THE DOOR), Gabriele Lavia (BEYOND THE DOOR)

Rip-Off Saturdays Double Feature | A Part of Music Box of Horrors: Dawn of the Drive-In Presented By Shudder  

The scariest movie of all time. Not many films could seriously try to take on that mantle, but The Exorcist has been the undisputed champion for almost fifty years and is still affecting audiences to this day. William Friedkin tapped into something that few filmmakers ever could, taking his time to offer up compelling, relatable human drama alongside supernatural scares while ratcheting up the unnerving terror minute by minute until the unforgettable finale. Barely a year later, Beyond The Door was unleashed on audiences straight out of Italy, and it was so blatant an Exorcist knockoff that Warner Bros. successfully sued the producers. Released in the U.S.  by Film Ventures International, the film became a commercial success despite being panned by critics: Roger Ebert gave the film a one-star review, calling it “scary trash,” but that sounds like a big thumbs up to us!

Technical Information

Production Year: 1973
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 229 mins
Format: Digital