The Pyjama Girl Case

The Pyjama Girl Case

A FILM BY: Flavio Mogherini
WRITTEN BY: Flavio Mogherini, Rafael Sánchez Campoy
STARRING: Ray Milland, Dalila Di Lazzaro, Michele Placido

A Part of Cinematic Void and Music Box of Horrors Present: January Giallo 2022 

A uniquely haunting latter-day giallo filmed Down Under which “breaks so many rules one can only wonder how audiences responded to it without any advance warning. A film best experienced with as little foreknowledge as possible, THE PYJAMA GIRL CASE not only experiments with its tone and setting but also throws in at least two seismic plot twists that would have been imitated everywhere if this film were more widely seen.

Anyone expecting a traditional giallo will be disoriented right from the start, thanks to the bouncy pair of songs crooned by Euro pop queen Amanda Lear, the schizophrenic score by Riz Ortolani (CANNIBAL HALOCAUST, GOODBYE UNCLE TOM) that veers from pounding electronics to harmonica-laced romantic melodies -- and the fact that almost everything, even the most violent and disturbing scenes, takes place in scorching sunlight.” - Text courtesy of Mondo Digital

In Italian with English subtitles

Technical Information

Production Year: 1977
Country of Origin: Italy
Language: Italian
Run Time: 103 mins
Format: DCP