The Secret Poppo

The Secret Poppo

A FILM BY: Nevi Cline, Zach Harris, Sean Pierce
WRITTEN BY: Nevi Cline, Zach Harris
STARRING: Nick Luzietti, Karen Schmitz, Jenna Kurinski

U.S. Premiere

In this largely improvised comedy from the directors of MEATHEAD GOES HOGWILD, Hall of Fame Architect and untrained actor Nick Luzietti (also a Chicago local!) shines in easily the most peculiar, wild, and just down-right fucking crazy performance you'll see at this years festival (he's incredible). Shot on location in Chicago, THE SECRET POPPO follows Luzietti as he discovers that not only does he have a granddaughter he never knew about, but she's also missing! What happens from there can only be described as THE PINK PANTHER crossed with an acid trip (yes of course that's a compliment).

Technical Information

Production Year: 2018
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 86 mins
Format: DCP