Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts

A FILM BY: Franco Prosperi
WRITTEN BY: Antonio Accolla (Italian dialogue adaptation), Franco Prosperi (screenplay)
STARRING: Lorraine De Selle, John Aldrich, Ugo Bologna

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Franco Prosperi returns to his docu-exploitation Mondo film roots with the most ludicrous, most polished, most Italian of all animal attack films, WILD BEASTS. Made as if for no other reason than to show the filmmakers of ROAR exactly how it's done, WILD BEASTS predicates itself on the single greatest premise to ever grace the silver screen: a ton of PCP was just dumped in the zoo water supply and, man, does it ever make the animals want to kill everything and everyone in sight. Cue a borderline offensive amount of shocking gore, with rats devouring people, bare breasts and all, elephants smashing faces, and large felines gleefully, enthusiastically ripping people to shreds.

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Technical Information

Production Year: 1984
Country of Origin: Italy
Run Time: 92 mins
Format: DCP