Winged Migration

Winged Migration

A FILM BY: Jacques Perrin, Jacques Cluzaud
WRITTEN BY: Jean Dorst (collaboration), Stéphane Durand
STARRING: Jacques Perrin, Philippe Labro

The landmark documentary that presents an epic portrait of winter bird migration. Filmed on all seven continents over four years, the footage is brought together into one journey that's uniformly arduous for all kinds of different birds.

Featuring a discussion with Field Museum expert John Bates.

John Bates is an Associate Curator of Birds and head of the Life Sciences section of Integrated Research at the Field Museum.  He did his doctorate at Louisiana State University and was a post doctoral fellow at the American Museum of Natural History.  Over the last twenty-two years in Chicago, he and his students have studied genetic structure and morphology in birds to understand how behaviors such as migration have influenced evolutionary patterns.  

Technical Information

Production Year: 2001
Country of Origin: France
Language: French
Run Time: 89 mins
Format: 35mm