Terms & Conditions

Music Box Memberships


Rules of Membership

  1. Membership cards must be shown at the time of purchase to receive benefits. 
  2. Individual Memberships may not be shared.
  3. Limit one member per card.
  4. Music Box Membership expires 12-months from the date of initial registration.
  5. This membership card may be used at the Music Box Theatre and participating restaurant partners to receive discounts.
  6. If the membership card is lost or stolen, please immediately notify the membership manager of such loss or theft and a replacement card will be re-issued.
  7. Music Box reserves the rights to amend offers, conditions or prices at any time.
  8. There are no refunds or cancellations.


Renewal of Membership

  1. As a member to whom the membership card has been issued, you have the authority to approve the renewal of the membership card.
  2. Every year, you will receive a notice on membership renewal during the month preceding expiration. The annual membership fee for renewal must be paid by the date in which the membership expires. You may pay the annual membership fee for renewal online or at the Music Box Theatre.
  3. If you have completed renewal, the duration of your membership will be automatically extended for an additional 12-month period from the expiration date of the membership, and you may continue to use your membership card.

Music Box Theatre

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