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Arrangiarsi: Pizza... & the Art of Living

CLICK HERE to purchase ticketsWriter, director, cinematographer, editor, and star Matteo Troncone begins this fascinating and philosophical first-person travelogue with no job, no relationship, and no... READ MORE

Directed by: Matteo Troncone

Runtime: 91 mins

Format: DCP

Battling Butler

***Preceded by NEIGHBORS (1920, 20 min)  - New 4K restoration with Jon Mirsalis score***Keaton stars as Alfred Butler, a fragile young man whose father sends him into the country where he hopes m... READ MORE

Directed by: Buster Keaton

Runtime: 77 mins

Format: DCP

The Breakfast Club

Wednesday, May 29th at Sunset | Admission is free | Screening at Gallagher Way, 3635 N Clark St, Chicago, ILFive high school students from different walks of life endure a Saturday detention... READ MORE

Directed by: John Hughes

Runtime: 97 mins

Format: Digital


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The Cabin in the Cotton

This pre-Code drama film contains perhaps Bette Davis' most legendary line of dialogue -- "I'd like to kiss ya, but I just washed my hair." Directed by Michael Curtiz (one of their seven collaboration... READ MORE

Directed by: Michael Curtiz

Runtime: 78 mins

Format: 35mm

Fight Club

***20th Anniversary***A depressed man (Edward Norton) suffering from insomnia meets a strange soap salesman named Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) and soon finds himself living in his squalid house after his... READ MORE

Directed by: David Fincher

Runtime: 139 mins

Format: 35mm

The General

***New 4k restoration with Carl Davis Orchestral score | Preceded by THE GOAT (1921, 24 min) - New 2K restoration with Robert Israel score***Many critics consider THE GENERAL to be the last great... READ MORE

Directed by: Buster Keaton, Clyde Bruckman

Runtime: 79 mins

Format: DCP

Hail Satan?

Chronicling the extraordinary rise of one of the most colorful and controversial religious movements in American history, HAIL SATAN is an inspiring and entertaining new feature documentary from... READ MORE

Directed by: Penny Lane

Runtime: 95 mins

Format: DCP

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

**Free Admission for Music Box Theatre Members**At a prisoner of war camp in the Pacific, Japanese guards and allied prisoners struggle with and against one another to maintain dignity, sanity, and ph... READ MORE

Directed by: Nagisa Ôshima

Runtime: 123 mins

Format: 35mm

Mickey One

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets | Presented by the Chicago Film SocietyTwo years before the release of Bonnie and Clyde, Arthur Penn directed this underseen French New Wave-esque, film noir-inspired, a... READ MORE

Runtime: 93 mins

Format: 35mm

Mulholland Drive

***preceded by a custom Lynch pre-show from Daniel Knox***A love story in the city of dreams . . . Blonde Betty Elms (Naomi Watts) has only just arrived in Hollywood to become a movie star when s... READ MORE

Directed by: David Lynch

Runtime: 147 mins

Format: 35mm

The Navigator

***Preceded by THE PALEFACE (1922, 25 min) - 4K restoration with Jon Mirsalis score***Brilliantly exemplifying Buster Keaton's ability to mine rich humor from the inanimate, THE NAVIGATOR is a classic... READ MORE

Directed by: Buster Keaton, Donald Crisp

Runtime: 66 mins

Format: DCP


Juliette Binoche and Guillame Canet reunite with acclaimed director Olivier Assayas (PERSONAL SHOPPER; CARLOS) for this wry, slyly seductive tale of sex, lies, and literature. Set amidst the bohemian... READ MORE


Runtime: 107 mins

Format: DCP

Seven Chances

***Preceded by COPS (1922, 20 min) - 2K restoration with Ben Model piano score***Love has never been funnier or more difficult to manage than in this immortal Keaton comedy. SEVEN CHANCES is a film of... READ MORE

Directed by: Buster Keaton

Runtime: 57 mins

Format: DCP

Sherlock Jr.

***Preceded by THE PLAY HOUSE (1921, 23 min) - New 4K restoration with Carl Davis Orchestral score + THE FROZEN NORTH (1922, 18 min) - New 2K restoration with Alexander Ranni score***A film projection... READ MORE

Directed by: Buster Keaton

Runtime: 45 mins

Format: DCP

Steamboat Bill, Jr.

***Preceded by THE HIGH SIGN (1921, 20 min) - New 4K restoration with Carl Davis Orchestral score***A steamboat captain receives a telegram informing him that his son who he has not seen for many year... READ MORE

Directed by: Buster Keaton, Chas. F. Reisner

Runtime: 71 mins

Format: DCP

Walking on Water

Ten years after the passing of his wife and creative partner, Jeanne-Claude, Christo sets out to realize The Floating Piers, a project they conceived together many years before. Boasting uncensor... READ MORE

Directed by: Andrey Paounov

Runtime: 100 mins

Format: DCP

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