Appointment With Danger

Appointment With Danger

A FILM BY: Lewis Allen
WRITTEN BY: Richard L. Breen, Warren Duff
STARRING: Alan Ladd, Phyllis Calvert, Paul Stewart

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Taciturn and tight-lipped Alan Ladd stars as a relentless postal investigator who infiltrates the ruthless gang that murdered his co-worker; his only ally is a reluctant nun (Phyllis Calvert) who was the sole witness to the crime. The stellar supporting cast includes Paul Stewart, Jan Sterling, and future Dragnet partners Jack Webb and Harry Morgan—as a pair of ruthless killers! Filmed on location in Chicago and Gary, Indiana. Don’t miss this ultra-rare 35mm print! 

Technical Information

Production Year: 1950
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 90 mins
Format: 35mm