Escape in the Fog

Escape in the Fog

A FILM BY: Oscar “Budd” Boetticher
WRITTEN BY: Aubrey Wisberg
STARRING: Otto Kruger, Nina Foch, William Wright

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An army nurse (Nina Foch) is terrified by a fog-shrouded dream in which she witnesses a trio of men committing murder on the Golden Gate Bridge. Good thing it's all a dream . . . until the victim asks her out on a date! Settle in with some popcorn for lots of old-fashioned B-movie skullduggery. Boetticher, who'd go on to direct some of the greatest Westerns ever, gallops briskly over plot holes, hides lapses in logic with loads of atmosphere, and makes the most of star Nina Foch's distinctive appeal.

Technical Information

Production Year: 1945
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 65 mins
Format: 35mm