Five Element Ninjas

Five Element Ninjas

A FILM BY: Cheh Chang
WRITTEN BY: Cheh Chang, Kuang Ni
STARRING: Tien-Chi Cheng, Tien Hsiang Lung, Meng Lo

Chang Cheh's FIVE ELEMENT NINJAS is the ultimate 80s wuxia film, Shaw turned to 11, a legend among even the most discerning martial arts aficionados. With glorious Shaw sets, breathtaking choreography, a breakneck pace, and a brutality never before seen in a Chang film, FIVE ELEMENT NINJAS is the frenetic, bloodthirsty, completely insane exploration of single-minded vengeance, trading the conceits of loyalty, honor, and brotherhood for a bloodsoaked mountain of bodies. Cheng Tien-chi and his brothers will tarnish gold, turn wood to ash, boil water, snuff fire, and scorch the very Earth upon which we walk to exact their revenge.

Presented by The Front Row

Co-presented by Chicago Film Society

Technical Information

Production Year: 1982
Country of Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)
Run Time: 107 mins
Format: 35mm