Killer's Kiss

Killer's Kiss

A FILM BY: Stanley Kubrick
WRITTEN BY: Stanley Kubrick, Harold O. Sackler
STARRING: Frank Silvera, Irene Kane, Jamie Smith

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Made for a miniscule $75,000 (mostly borrowed from a family friend), Killer's Kiss was 27-year-old Stanley Kubrick's first distributed film—an inventive and kinetic tribute to film noir and his hometown, Manhattan. The simple story—a boxer's affair with a mobster's woman puts them both in peril—is a springboard for the young director to show off remarkable skills as a director, cameraman, and editor. Using a largely amateur cast, shooting without sync sound, and limited to 100-foot rolls of film in his portable Eyemo camera, Kubrick made the first amateur feature to receive international distribution. The rest is history.

Presented in 35mm courtesy of Park Circus

Technical Information

Production Year: 1955
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 67 mins
Format: 35mm