Mod F*** Explosion

Mod F*** Explosion

A FILM BY: Jon Moritsugu
WRITTEN BY: Jon Moritsugu
STARRING: Amy Davis, Desi del Valle, Bonnie Steiger

Co-presented by the Chicago Underground Film Festival and The Front Row

One part arthouse and one cpart schlock, the films of Jon Moritugus are all parts entertaining. MOD F*** EXPLOSION, his third independent feature (following My Degeneration and Hippy Porn) is a surreal ode to teen angst, West Side Story meets Quadrophenia on cheap drugs and an even cheaper budget. Long time Moritsugu muse Amy Davis stars as London, a sullen emo girl with a crush on a juvenile delinquent named M16. The couple's romance is soon interrupted by a turf war between the mods and a gang of Asian-American bikers. This sleazy, out of sync, 16mm opus, set to a punk rock soundtrack, is a classic of mid-90s underground filmmaking that anyone with taste won't want to miss!

Technical Information

Production Year: 1994
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 67 mins
Format: 16mm