Police Story 2

Police Story 2

A FILM BY: Jackie Chan
WRITTEN BY: Jackie Chan, Paul B. Clay, Edward Tang
STARRING: Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung

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Jackie Chan followed up the massive success of POLICE STORY with an even bigger box-office hit. Having been demoted to a lowly traffic cop for his, ahem, unorthodox policing methods, Chan’s go-it-alone officer Ka-Kui quits the force in protest. But it isn’t long before he’s back in action, racing the clock to stop a band of serial bombers and win back his much-put-upon girlfriend May (the phenomenal Maggie Cheung, reprising her star-making role). Boasting epic explosions, an awesomely 1980s electro soundtrack, and a show-stopping finale—which turns an abandoned warehouse into a life-size pinball machine of cascading oil drums, collapsing scaffolds, and shooting fireworks — POLICE STORY 2 confirmed Chan’s status as a performer of unparalleled grace and daring.

Presented with English subtitles

Technical Information

Production Year: 1988
Country of Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)
Run Time: 122 mins
Format: DCP