The Captain

The Captain

A FILM BY: Robert Schwentke
WRITTEN BY: Robert Schwentke
STARRING: Max Hubacher, Milan Peschel, Frederick Lau, Bernd Hölscher, Waldemar Kobus, Alexander Fehling, Samuel Finzi

Based on a disturbing true story, the film follows Willi Herold (Max Hubacher), a German army deserter who stumbles across an abandoned Nazi captain's uniform during the desperate final weeks of the Third Reich. Emboldened by the stolen suit, Willi discovers that many of his countrymen will follow anyone in a uniform giving orders, and the result is a parade of fresh, deprived atrocities that serve as a profound reminder of the consequences of social conformity and unchecked political power.

“Relentless ... Arresting ... Darkly evocative.” - The Hollywood Reporter

"Fully understands the psychology of the German soldiers and offers unflinching, timeless truth.” -

In German with English subtitles

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Technical Information

Production Year: 2017
Country of Origin: Germany
Language: German
Run Time: 118 mins
Format: DCP