The Deep Blue Sea

The Deep Blue Sea

A FILM BY: Terence Davies
WRITTEN BY: Terence Rattigan (play), Terence Davies (adaptation)
STARRING: Rachel Weisz, Tom Hiddleston, Ann Mitchell

A Part of The Music Box 90th Anniversary - Ticket can be used for admission to IDA at 7pm | A Music Box Films Release

Freely adapted from Terence Rattigan’s landmark play, Terence Davies brings his own distinctive stamp to this heart-breaking story of life in post-War London. Rachel Weisz plays Hester Collyer, the wife of an upper-class judge and a free spirit trapped in a passionless marriage. Her encounter with Freddie Page (Tom Hiddleston), a troubled former Royal Air Force pilot, throws her life in turmoil, as their erotic relationship leaves her emotionally stranded and physically isolated. 

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Technical Information

Production Year: 2011
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Language: English
Run Time: 98 mins
Format: 35mm