The Point

The Point

A FILM BY: Fred Wolf
WRITTEN BY: Harry Nilsson (story), Carole Beers (story)
STARRING: Dustin Hoffman, Paul Frees, Lennie Weinrib

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Plus Carole King’s REALLY ROSIE (Maurice Sendak, 1975, 18 min) 16mm

Oblio is the only round-headed person in the Pointed Village, where everyone must have a point. Thrown into an existential crisis by lack of uniformity, the son of an evil Count banishes Oblio and his dog arrow to the Pointless forest. Written and produced as a companion piece to his 1971 album of the same name, Harry Nilsson’s THE POINT is a slightly Seussian, slightly psychedelic fable. Note: later versions of the film feature different narrators. This is an original print from the film's first release and features the Dustin Hoffman narration.

16mm print provided by Kier-La Janisse and the American Genre Film Archive

Technical Information

Production Year: 1971
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 74 mins
Format: 16mm