The Scarlet Hour

The Scarlet Hour

A FILM BY: Michael Curtiz
WRITTEN BY: Alford van Ronkel, Frank Tashlin, John Meredyth Lucas
STARRING: Carol Ohmart, Tom Tryon, Jody Lawrance

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Nearing the end of his legendary career, Michael Curtiz produced and directed this intricately plotted crime thriller headed by a cast of new discoveries. A tony seductress (Carol Ohmart) and her lover (Tom Tryon) overhear plans for a jewel robbery, and believe the scheme will be their deliverance from Ohmart's possessive husband (James Gregory). Culled from the Paramount vault, this 35mm print remains one of the most seldom seen films noir of the 1950s, featuring Curtiz's use of the then-new Fujinon camera lens. You'll only see this at NOIR CITY!

Rare 35mm Archival Print!

Technical Information

Production Year: 1956
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 95 mins
Format: 35mm