A FILM BY: William A. Wellman
WRITTEN BY: John Monk Saunders (story), Hope Loring (screenplay)
STARRING: Clara Bow, Charles 'Buddy' Rogers, Richard Arlen

A Silent Movie concert performed by the Prima Vista Quartet with an original score composed by Baudime Jam.

Jack Powell (Charles Rogers) is a young man passionate about motorsport. His neighbor, Mary Preston (Clara Bow), is madly in love with him but he does not pay any attention to her because he is in love with Sylvia, herself in love with the wealthy David Armstrong (Richard Arlen). When the United State engage in the First World War, Jack and David joined the Air Force to fight in France, and they soon become close friend. Mary, meanwhile, joined the Women's Motor Corp to get closer to Jack...

1927 Academy Award Winner for Best Picture - 1st Ever!

The Prima Vista Quartet is composed of: ELZBIETA GLADYS - Violin 1, AMELIE PARADIS - Violin 2, BAUDIME JAM - Viola, LADISLAV SZATHMARY - Cello, MATTHIAS CHAMPON - Trumpet, CÉDRIC BARBIER - Percussion

Presented by FIAF and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy with support from The French Mission du centenaire de la Première Guerre mondiale, in charge of the World War One Centenary in France. This program is endorsed by The U.S. World War One Centennial Commission as a commemorative partner, which recognizes commitment to educating the public about World War One and honoring those who served.

Technical Information

Production Year: 1927
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 144 mins
Format: DCP