Woman of Tokyo

Woman of Tokyo

A FILM BY: Yasujirô Ozu
WRITTEN BY: Tadao Ikeda, Kôgo Noda
STARRING: Yoshiko Okada, Ureo Egawa, Kinuyo Tanaka

Presented by The Chicago Film Society and The Chicago Critics Film Festival

Although the Japanese film industry converted to sound a few years prior, silent cinema continued to present opportunities for experimentation and refinement for Ozu. Two pairs of adult siblings attempt to eke out a living in Tokyo: a university student shares an apartment with the sister who pays for his education through office work while his girlfriend lives with her policeman brother. When the cop learns that the typist may be supplementing her income with disreputable side gigs, he inadvertently ruins one life and another in turn. This staunchly feminist tragedy envisions gender roles as pernicious traps for men and women alike.

Plus: A Straightforward Boy [Surviving Fragment] (Yasujiro Ozu, 1929, 14 min, 35mm)

Technical Information

Production Year: 1933
Country of Origin: Japan
Run Time: 47 mins