To Avoid Any Misunderstanding: The Other Charles Chaplin

Film Series

March 30 – April 28, 2024

Is any actor more closely entwined with his character than Charles Chaplin? From his second screen appearance, Chaplin simply was The Little Tramp—bowler hat and cane, baggy pants, compact mustache, and a smile beneath the tears. He perfected the character through dozens of movies over 22 years and was recognized across the globe. In his heyday, Chaplin felt the need to append a disclaimer to his 1923 drama A WOMAN OF PARIS clarifying that he did not appear in the film “to avoid any misunderstanding.” On the occasion of a new 4K restoration of A WOMAN OF PARIS, we present a series of films where Chaplin explored characters beyond his iconic Tramp persona, including two films he made in England after losing political favor in America.