Chicago Shorts Block

No Longer Playing

2024 95 mins


Programmed and Presented by Film Girl Film Festival


Jessica, a striking yet timid woman stands alone at a halloween party while people mingle. Her phone rings, revealing her Mom on the line. Jessica tells her how she is still settling in and trying to make new friends in the city, like the boy who invited her out. She returns to the party to find the boy, Jamie, a definitive finance bro, playing a drinking game with his wild friends. Jessica, intrigued by Jamie's social life agrees to something more intimate and joins him in his room where a disappointing sex rendezvous leaves Jessica feeling used. Alone again, Jessica meets Catrina, a city girl who has seen Jamie play his games and offers her a word of caution. Jessica is in denial about Jamie until she finds him making out with another girl. Catrina and Jessica decide to ditch the party and become fast friends leaving Jessica hopeful for her future.

AN OUTFIT (17 mins)

A mother of a young two-year-old girl has been unhappy with her body and avoiding purchasing any clothes for herself since she gave birth. With an impending social event coming up, she has to overcome that instilled fear and begin to build back her confidence.

TOW ZONE (7 mins)

All Finn needs is $200 to get their car back. In desperation, they turn to Billy - a nefarious dealer who claims to have the solution to all of life’s problems.

EMERGENCE (14 mins)

College freshman Tori arrives at college shortly after the pandemic and still carries trauma from her conservative high school. Tori is a transgender athlete and faces crippling gender dysphoria in various social situations, such as changing in locker rooms and making new friends. As a result, Tori was content to lead her life in isolation, changing alone outside and keeping to herself. Yet, when she meets fellow teammate and first-year Amanda, she finds herself letting her guard down, and through their growing relationship, each individual can confidently step into their newfound identities for the first time.


Mary is a young, resilient, and loving black woman. While grocery shopping with her two kids, she encounters her childhood sexual abuser. This story unveils three generations of women who deal with generational trauma. CURSE BREAKERS echoes a common narrative of black communities in real life.

LAST DATE (10 mins)

After her boyfriend proposes, a young woman sets out to take care of one teeny weeny thing - divorcing her estranged husband.

WE WANT A (16 mins)

Four college besties and certified party girls get together for a celebration brunch. But when what they're celebrating unexpectedly changes (...maybe?), their bonds are tested like never before.

WE WANT A is a short film about the beauty and burden of womanhood in an inconstant world—and about the power of mimosas. 'Cause brunch.

95 mins

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