Practical Magic + Vampyros Lesbos

No Longer Playing

193 mins


Co-presented by Severin Films

Co-presented & hosted by Ramona Slick (feat. a live solo performance before the second film!)

Severin Films Pop-Up Shop feat. mountains of Jess Franco goodies & more in the lounge before, between, and after the films!

This Screening is Free for Music Box Members

Like distant siblings from across the world, across time and space, sisters from another mother will come together for a strange brew of bewitched black magic and sun-dappled vampirism. PRACTICAL MAGIC, which landed in theaters in 1998, is filled with a choker-soaked atmosphere that would suit L.L. Bean’s October issue, as Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman play estranged sisters haunted by their family curse: one raising a family, the other casting love spells across the country, until they eventually come in contact with a serial killer and his demonic spirit. Across the Atlantic, in the Bossa-nova soundscapes of Spain, another brunette and blonde pair up in an unusual mix of gothic horror and seaside bliss. 1971’s VAMPYROS LESBOS plays off the story of Dracula, as Ewa Strömberg and the hypnotically gorgeous Soledad Miranda partake in hallucinatory thrills of the erotic persuasion, while dealing with their own basement-dwelling serial killer. Come enjoy this three-headed hydra of a double feature, as Oscarbate’s Highs and Lows teams up with Ramona Slick’s Rated Q, to give you all the film pairing of the millennium.

Order of events

7pm - Practical Magic 

9pm – Performance by Ramona Slick 

9:15pm - Vampyros Lesbos 

193 mins

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