A FILM BY: Tsai Ming-Liang
WRITTEN BY: Tsai Ming-Liang
STARRING: Lee Kang-sheng, Anong Houngheuangsy

The great Taiwanese filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang (GOODBYE DRAGON INN) has been directing exquisite examinations of alienation, isolation, and the fleeting beauty of human connection featuring his muse Lee Kang-sheng for decades.

His latest film, DAYS, will undoubtedly stand as one of his best, sparest, and most intimate works. Lee once again stars as a variation on himself, wandering through a lonely urban landscape and seeking treatment in Hong Kong for a chronic illness; at the same time, a young Laotian immigrant working in Bangkok, played by Anong Houngheuangsy, goes about his daily routine. These two solitary men eventually come together in a moment of healing, tenderness, and sexual release.

Among the most cathartic entries in Tsai’s filmography, DAYS is a work of longing, constructed with the director’s customary brilliance at visual composition and shot through with profound empathy.

In Mandarin with English subtitles

Technical Information

Production Year: 2020
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)
Run Time: 127 mins
Format: Digital