Disco Godfather

Disco Godfather

A FILM BY: J. Robert Wagoner
WRITTEN BY: J. Robert Wagoner, Cliff Roquemore
STARRING: Rudy Ray Moore, Carol Speed, Jimmy Lynch

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An iconoclastic comedic voice and independent media mogul, Rudy Ray Moore entered another echelon of cult stardom with the cycle of wild, unruly exploitation. After originating the super pimp folk hero Dolemite, Moore found himself closing out his biggest decade by playing a law-abiding citizen for the first time, the titular Disco Godfather, besequined overseer of the hottest dance floor on the West Coast. When his basketball prodigy nephew ends up in the hospital, spun out on Angel Dust, the Disco Godfather sets about waging a one-man war against the local PCP trade. A vital document of vintage Black disco culture, DISCO GODFATHER would ultimately prove less persuasive as an anti-drug PSA than as a vehicle for squelching bouts of unmoored DIY psychedelia set to a series of killer original dance grooves.

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Technical Information

Production Year: 1979
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 93 mins
Format: 35mm