Ghost Killers vs. Bloody Mary

Ghost Killers vs. Bloody Mary

A FILM BY: Fabrício Bittar
WRITTEN BY: Fabrício Bittar, Andre Catarinacho, Danilo Gentili
STARRING: Danilo Gentili, Dani Calabresa, Léo Lins

A Part of Cinepocalypse 2019 | North American Premiere | Preceded by ONE IN TWO PEOPLE - Dir. Ali Mashayekhi

In this horror-comedy, four YouTubers with expertise in supernatural events seek recognition from their viewers while solving the urban legend of the Bathroom Blonde Case—the spirit that haunts a high school bathroom in Brazil. Front loaded with over-the-top humor, gore, high school movie clichés, and horror film references, including homages to Brazil’s own Coffin Joe, the film revels in its silliness as eagerly as it bathes us in blood.


Technical Information

Production Year: 2018
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 103 mins
Format: DCP