Psycho III

Psycho III

A FILM BY: Anthony Perkins
WRITTEN BY: Charles Edward Pogue, Robert Bloch (characters)
STARRING: Anthony Perkins, Diana Scarwid, Jeff Fahey

Sequel Sundays Feature | A Part of Music Box of Horrors at the Drive-In Presents: 31 Days of Terror

Picking up a few months after the events of Psycho II, Norman Bates is back at it again. This time, a former nun with an eerie resemblance to Marion Crane and a reporter who just won't quit digging into his past set him off, which begins a chain of horrific events. Directed by Norman himself, Anthony Perkins, Psycho III sees the series lean into the neon-tinged ‘80s and go sleazier, bloodier, more action packed, and more insane than ever as poor Norman slides deeper into psychosis. 

Technical Information

Production Year: 1986
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 96 mins
Format: Digital