The Granny

The Granny

A FILM BY: Luca Bercovici
WRITTEN BY: Sam Bernard (story), Luca Bercovici (story)
STARRING: Stella Stevens, Shannon Whirry, Luca Bercovici

A Part of MUSIC BOX OF HORRORS 2021 | World Theatrical Premiere 

Starring the absolutely legendary Playmate/Actress Stella Stevens (The Ballad of Cable Hogue, The Manitou), as the titular Granny who just can't stand her obnoxious family who's transparently waiting for her to die so they can wallow like the filthy pigs they are in her fortune. But unbeknownst to this cavalcade of abrasive leeches, Granny discovered an elixir bestowing eternal life upon her wretched soul prior to biting the big one, & she's ready to take revenge in deliciously perverse ways you cannot begin to imagine!

Thusly we barely flirt with the tip of the iceberg of this foolishly underloved 90s DTV, delectably trashy gem of a film from producing legends Tapestry Films (Wedding Crashers, Point Break). The Granny packs in more incest debauchery than even Brian Yuzna's Society, plus penis mutilation, re-animated mink furs, necrophilia, feline self-skin removal, an inexplicable obsession with professional wrestling, & SO MUCH FUCKING MORE! With Luca Bercovici's (Ghoulies) maniacally assured direction, Wally Pfister's dutch-angle-obsessed cinematography, Sam Bernard's (Rad) gleefully filthy writing, & the entire cast & crew's infectious willingness to obliterate good taste, give it 110%, & keep the middle fingers flying high to every square in existence, The Granny is your new favorite horror comedy, gore-soaked, sleaze-fest you didn't know you needed! 

Technical Information

Production Year: 1995
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 85 mins
Format: DCP